5 African countries with the best foods in the world

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African cuisine is more than just food; it represents an integral part of the culture.

From the heady spices of North Africa to the hearty stews of West Africa to the unusual flavors of the East, African countries provide a culinary adventure unlike any other. It is impossible to overestimate the influence that African food has had on global culinary trends.

Traditional recipes passed down through generations not only give a flavor of the past but also link people to their ancestors and cultural origins. Each meal conveys a tale about a certain location, tribe, or historical event, preserving the traditions and customs of several African tribes.

Some meals have naturally undergone a metamorphosis given that factors such as mode of preparation and experimentations have changed how these foods originally were. Nonetheless, these traditional cuisines at the very core are African and have remained fundamentally the same. As a result, they are part of the African identity and have been presented to the world as a gift.

As Italians are known for spaghetti and pizza, Americans are known for hamburgers, and the Chinese are known for noodles, so are some cuisines synonymous with the motherland.